J2 Commercial Consultants

Over the past two decades sports and entertainment has become a multi-billion dollar business that is increasingly dominated by a new breed of entrepreneur.

These hard-nosed business entrepreneurs have successfully transformed the once loss-making sports & entertainment industry and the stadiums & venues which they operate into commercial, risk managed money making propositions.

Our founders and directors Dr. Jacques Grobbelaar and Justin Sampson have been at the forefront of this revolution, having brokered some of the biggest ‘deals’ in the South African sports market.

Dr. Jacques Grobbelaar

Jacques Grobbelaar is the former Chief Executive Officer of Stadium Management South Africa (“SMSA”) a 2011 international Stadium Business AwardsTM award winner and South Africa’s top sports venue management company commercialising and promoting the FNB Stadium, Rand Stadium, Dobsonville Stadium and Orlando Stadium.

Jacques is a 2013 international Stadium Business AwardsTM finalist in “The Executive of the Year Award” category.

Jacques has 21 years of experience in the stadium-and-event industry’s event master planning and commercialisation. He has delivered more than 980 large and major events in South Africa, including the 1995 Rugby World Cup, the African Cup of Nations in 1996 and 2013, and the 2010 FIFA World Cup SATM at stadiums including Ellis Park, Johannesburg Stadium, Kings Park, FNB Stadium and Orlando Stadium.

Jacques is an expert in Change Management, Compliance Audits, Legal Aspects, Creation of Agreements, Corporate Governance, Human Resources, BEE and Transformation, Community Social Investment Programs, Industrial Relations, Project Management, Stakeholder Liaison and – Management, Brand Management, Sponsorship Management, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Commercial Sales Strategies; Sports Rights Commercialisation, Public Relations, Media Management, Digital Platforms, Facilities Management, Logistics Management, Property Management & Space Rentals, Balance Sheet and Audit, Overseeing Bookkeeping Management Functions (Cash Book, Creditors, Debtors, Salaries and Tax Returns), Budgets, Cash Flows and Forecasting and Cost Analysis of Procurement, Finance Management and Controls, Account Management, Event Creation and Promotion, Event Safety Compliance, RFP Processes and Hospitality Management.

Justin Sampson

Justin has worked in the sports marketing industry for the past 20 years. He has worked in sponsorship consulting, marketing and the commercial ‘space’ of sport and entertainment for some of the biggest events and rights holders in our market. His most recent positions:

CEO S-Factor – 2014 to present
CEO MCSaatchi Sport & Entertainment – 2012 to 2014
CEO SAIL – 2010 to 2012
CEO and founder of Exp Sponsorship – 2004 to 2010 (Sponsorship
Agency of the year 2009, 10, 11)

His experience includes:

Personally won, managed and activated some of the top sponsorship accounts in SA. Accounts worked on include: FIFA, MTN, Coca-Cola, ABSA, Huawei, SASOL, Fox Sports, ESPN – managed their sponsorships, negotiated and wrote the strategies for most of these brands at some stage.

Commercially managed some of the biggest sports and entertainment brands in South Africa and helped negotiate some of the biggest sports ‘deals’ in the country. This included: ABSA sponsoring the Premier League (PSL), Momentum sponsoring ODI Cricket, MTN sponsoring the MTN 8. In addition, he has advised the following rights holders: the Blue Bulls, Cricket South Africa, SMSA/FNB Stadium and Cape Town Stadium. Recently he helped conclude a sponsorship deal for Cape Town Stadium with DHL.

Questions to Ask

  • Is your stadium/venue a commercial, money-making proposition?
  • Are your business risks – marketing, financial, operational and public safety – under control and actively managed?
  • Are you facing the harsh stadium management reality of the fallacy – “if you build it, they will come”?
  • Is your venue catering to the needs of both traditional and new-age spectators?
  • Are you responding to the increasing demands of spectators and other key event stakeholders like event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters and the media?
  • Are your customer-focused strategies paying dividends?
  • Are you fully leveraging the uniqueness of your stadium or venue?
  • Is your stadium/venue legislatively compliant?
  • Has your stadium/venue successfully implemented the “Big Five” of modern stadium governance and business philosophy – that is, strategy analysis, direction, formulation, implementation and evaluation?
  • Is your management team thinking outside of the box commercially and operationally?
  • Has your venue responded to the impact of contemporary consumerism?
  • Have you introduced technology into your stadium/venue?

Our Mission

We strive to deliver solutions that allow our clients to:

Maximise opportunities for their venues or events by leveraging all available technical, commercial and business opportunities that produce clear and tangible benefits.

Match our stakeholders’ ambitions and objectives with geographic, business and demographic opportunities, creating  formulas for sustainable, profitable and active venues, and providing scalable and future-proof solutions by using the data and hard-nosed, unmatched experience necessary to make informed business decisions and to create viable strategies and business models.

Our Services

  • HR

Our Services Include:

  • Strategy development – analysis, formulation, implementation & evaluation
  • Business risk management – financial, marketing, operations & public safety
  • Public safety risk management (event safety and security, health and environmental protection planning)
  • Event bid management Ticketing and Accreditation
  • Tender management – internal and external Commercial/sponsor management
  • Legislative and technical compliance Budgeting, cash flow, and price/cost models
  • Traffic and parking management

Depending on your needs and your venue, we also offer:

  • Media planning and management
  • Financial modelling for maximum ROI
  • Team and tenant management

Our Process:

The process entails some simple steps:

  1. Initial meeting – we will meet with the clients to discuss the opportunity.
  2. Scope of work – we will discuss and agree on a scope of work with the client and prepare a proposal. The client will then approve the proposal, and an agreement will be signed.
  3. Information collection – we will gather the necessary information, meet all stakeholders, and research the local environment. We believe that it is crucial to understand the culture of the region we are to work in.
  4. Implementation – we will analyse the information gathered and develop the necessary documentation as agreed with the client. This could be a business or management plan, a design review, or ongoing management.
  5. Evaluation – we will continually validate/update the client on progress in regard to the particular project being undertaken.